What to do after a wildfire

Few events can make you feel as vulnerable as experiencing a wildfire bearing down on your neighborhood. Unfortunately, a growing number of people who reside in or near a forested area in the Western US and Canada are forced to contend with this exact scenario. If your property or home has recently been damaged by a wildfire, the process of recovery can be challenging. To help, CSU Extension has put together a variety of resources to assist individuals and communities with wildfire recovery. Review the information provided here and don’t hesitate to contact your local or regional Extension office for help.

Wildfire Recovery for Individuals and Families

Smoke and Ash on Plants

Smoke and Ash on Plants

Wildfires are not only dangerous to the health of humans and animals, but also our plants. Plants'...

Wildfire Recovery for Farm and Ranch

As an owner, manager, or caretaker of a large agricultural property, it can be extremely challenging to deal with the aftermath of a wildfire. If you require help following a fire on your property, reach out to your local Extension office and they will connect you with additional information and services, including help with temporarily or permanently relocating livestock.