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As you probably know, over the past several decades, wildfires have become larger and more frequent in the western US and Canada, along with other parts of the world, such as Australia. According to the World Economic Forum, modern summer wildfire seasons typically last 40 to 80 days longer on average compared to wildfire seasons 30 years ago. Many experts believe climate change is a major factor, although the way forests have been managed over the past century also contributes to the extreme wildfires we see today.

Whether you are preparing for the upcoming wildfire season or still recovering after a forest fire, CSU Extension has gathered a variety of resources based on insights from subject matter experts and provided them here, including our Living with Fire Homeowner Guide and the recently updated Guide to Preparing Your Home for Wildfire from the Colorado State Forest Service.

Wildfire Preparation

Resources to help you prepare for wildfire season.

Wildfire Recovery

Resources to help you recover after a fire.

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