USDA’s Livestock Indemnity Program (LIP) provides benefits to livestock producers for livestock deaths in excess of normal mortality caused by adverse weather or by attacks by animals reintroduced into the wild by the Federal Government. These USDA resources are available for more information.


Quick Facts

  • LIP payments for owners are based on national payment rates that are 75 percent of the market value of the applicable livestock as determined by the USDA’s Secretary of Agriculture.
  • Livestock death losses due to extreme cold are considered eligible losses without regard to vaccination protocol, or lack of vaccination.
  • Eligible Livestock must:
    • Have been maintained for commercial use as part of a farming operation on the day they died; and not have been produced or maintained for reasons other than commercial use as part of a farming operation. Excluded livestock includes wild free-roaming animals, pets or animals used for recreational purposes, such as hunting, roping or for show.

For more information on the USDA’s livestock indemnity resources