How to Prepare for a Flood

Preparing for a flood doesn’t just include stockpiling supplies and equipment. It also requires gathering knowledge and planning for a variety of potential hazards. Rising water levels and water intrusion aren’t the only factors you may need to deal with during a flood. Other hazards can include loss of power in your residence and/or workplace, electrical hazards, and environmental hazards (e.g. displaced snakes and other wildlife). In addition, travel may be difficult as certain roadways may become impassable.

Storing water, extra food, a first aid kit, and other emergency supplies can help you prepare for a potential flood or other disaster. Review the resources offered here, and don’t hesitate to contact your local Extension office for area-specific flood planning info.

Flood Preparedness for Farm and Ranch

Dealing with a flood can be extremely challenging when you manage a large acreage agricultural property with livestock.